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Hi, everyone!

It's Lexi. I know I've been MIA lately, but I've been working really hard on several things. That's the life of a young blogger these days, right??

So, just wanted to touch base with you all and QUICKLY update you with some thoughts and what to expect next from RFR!

First, I'm Team Teresa, y'all! Melissa and Kathy got on my nerves during last week's reunion (part 1). Plus, Caroline is a miserable geriatric, and Jacqueline needs to spend more time worrying about her family instead of Teresa. Why is it that she knows everything about Teresa's life?? Bored much, J?! Plus, Lauren is still fat. LAP-BAND was never something I thought highly off anyway because my mother had it and is still overweight....4 years later. So, expect Lauren to stay fat, people!

Also, I will be returning to blog about various reality news and RHOA, and expect to see an RFR Twitter account soon! Christina and I live far apart, but we love TV and you guys too much to not find another way to stay busy keeping you informed and entertained!

Oh! RFR has been around for a year as of this past July! Thanks for the love, guys! We appreciate it, and we hope to be around for many more years!


Lexi : )



Ola, Blovers!! Hope all is well in your world. Things are rosey in my neck of the woods. As you can tell by the title, I came to give you guys the tea on the Real Housewives of New Jersey finale. Its been a long time coming, but it finally came. What is "it"? Teresa Guidice's evil likeness on the screen. I will talk more definitively about that in a minute...Let's get started shall we?

Over the past seasons of RHONJ, my preferences for characters has changed dramatically. I used to be a huge Teresa fan, only tolerating Caroline Manzo, hating Kathy Wakile, and kind of liking regular fence rider, Jacqueline Laurita. Since the progression of the show, I CANNOT stand Teresa. If you are Tre fan, I suggest you stop reading now, or swallow your pride as I warm up the fire for her roasting session. I rather like Kathy Wakile now due largely to her sister, Rosie. And, I think the Gorgas are hilarious.

Jacqueline had a little less drama this season because she sent her daughter, Ashlee, away. That girl is one big ball of crazy. I'm sure both Jacq and her hubby, Chris, were appreciative of that break. She planned a trip for the entire cast to enjoy one another in hilly San Diego. It was a successful trip until Caroline and Teresa had their big falling out. We recently found out that Jacq's son, Nick, has autism. She had been trying the entire 1st season attempting to get pregnant and did. Our hearts go out to her family as they transition to caring for a child with issues like his.

Caroline's family is known for their Brownstone and other business ventures. This season, we saw her sons and brother, Chris (Jacq's hubby), begin selling their BLK water and wine projects. Lauren has been whining all season about losing weight and being seen in the same spotlight as her brothers. Well, her daddy bought her the LapBand and has lost 35 pounds. Congratulations, girl. Will you just marry Vito now, get pregs, and gain that weight back? The whining is not attractive. Thanks.  Caroline has demonstrated her disdain for Teresa all season. So, it was no surprise that they were at each other's throats on the trip. Caroline turned 50 and has been spreading her wisdom all over the radio waves. Looks like its was somewhat successful....*sideeye*. She and past castmate/sister, Dina, are still well into it....which she blames squarely on Teresa. I don't know how much of that I believe. But, that's what she's saying.

Kathy's family is always up to funny antics. They are the light part of the show. This season, we saw her develop her culinary treats and sell them to a company. She is now a bonafide pastry chef now. Her hubby, Rich, has been the usual quick-witted perv we all have grown to love/loathe. The kids aren't up to much. Victoria looked for colleges outside of NJ just to end up going somewhere locally anyway. My guess is the dorm rooms were a big discourager. Rosie came out to her niece and nephew during the show. That was a heart warming moment....despite the fact that the WHOLE rest of the world knew this already. Shout out to Rosie for using Bravo to hunt for honeys!

Teresa has spent this whole season plugging her time on The Apprentice and her Fabulicious cookbooks. I should point out that these cookbooks are filled with recipes developed on the backs of sweaty, old Italian mamas and papas....none of which are Teresa Guidice. She admits that the recipes are her mothers, friends, and whoever else. So, kudos to all you do do birds buying this book knowing full well she ain't make up not a one of these recipes. You light up my life! Her girls have provided me with all kinds of entertainment this year...especially that Milania. I call her "Milaniac". That gal is 3 feet of honesty. She called her parents out every chance she got including blowing the whistle on Tre's hubby sleeping in his own room. She also said that her daddy never wants to see his kids. iDied!!!! Did you catch Joe in the vineyard talking to his "employee" and calling his wife a "F***ing C***"?? Oh yeah, me neither. *looks other way like Teresa*

Melissa has been soaring to the top ever since her debut on the show. She has taken advantage of the spotlight by jump starting her music career. She's released "On Display" and "I Just Wanna Party" and they've done fairly well on iTunes. I, personally, do not care for Melissa's music, but I do like laughing at her and her frisky hubby, Joey Gorga. There kids are adorable, and according to Meliss, her house is paid for. All things that probably frustrates her sis-in-law, Tre. They haven't gotten along since Melissa and Joe were married. You can read past blogs for more detail on just how deep this bad blood goes. But, this finale show is probably the biggest indicator.

Teresa hooked up with NJ mess maker, Kim D. You've seen her. She looks like the Pelican Brief by the face and is now wearing blonde weave....very becoming. The twosome visited a salon to get prepped for Kim D's annual fashion show. You remember....the one that has dreadful fashions, no name models, and terrible decor. These women fight at this fashion show every year. I don't even know why they keep going to this Dollar Tree production. Anywho, Kim D's friend, Bald Guy, showed up at the salon to tell Teresa that her sister in law is a former stripper. Teresa played dumb and asked him to please stop. Yet, BG showed up at the fashion show and greeted Melissa right out the gate. Melissa claimed that she knew him, but she didn't know him. The whole situation blew up with BG going around saying he set out to embarrass Melissa. Tre confronted Melissa on her past. This ignited a HUGE fight among family.

 Joey G. was called. Text messages were being sent the entire time to Jacqueline, who informed Caroline, who talked bad about Teresa for the rest of the night. You see the pattern here?? My only comment for this whole thing is to wonder, "what does it matter anyway?". I really don't care if Melissa dropped it or not. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if Tre did too. This is just disgusting and it shows just how immature Teresa is. She is guilty in my court of law. Point blank.

Next week begins the saga of reunion shows that I'm sure will entertain. I'm tuning in. How about you??
'Til next time....

xoxo, Christina Rose
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Out With The Old, In With The Shrewd

Hey there, Blovies!!! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods....It's groove theory, my way! As you know, many of our shows have concluded or are in the process of doing so. I'll give you some of my final thoughts on those including Love & Hip Hop ATL, Real Housewives of New Jersey, and Teen Mom....Meanwhile, vH1 is gearing up for a new season of Basketball Wives LA. Oh, the places we'll go!!! Shall we...
The Look on Buckeey's Face when Scrappy Proposed....to Ericka.

I'll start with LHHATL since it ended a few weeks ago. My final thoughts on that reunion are simple. RACHET!!! We all know Mimi and Stevie J will never be over....as will Joseline (Joseph) Hernandez and Stevie J. So, I will not even waste my breath talking about how stupid Mimi is or how incomprehensible JoJo is. I've roasted them all year. The evidence speaks for itself. Karlie Redd is a groupie and I won't be surprised next season when she is using what she got to get what she wants. This girl's thirst is so boundless I wouldn't be surprised if she began twerking for YouTube sensations. Anything to "Get That Hit"....at 47 years old, with a 30 year old daughter, and a deflated butt cheek. Chile, please!?! I have been torn about K. Michelle's domestic violence situation. I will say I laughed when Rasheeda's "No Story" arse tried to nut up on her. I get that people don't necessarily believe K., but I will choose to believe her because it takes a pretty low person to make up the allegations she's claimed about her ex-boo, Memphitz. If she made it up, God has a special place in hell for that ample keister. Other than that, Rasheeda has absolutely no business on this show. She and her hubby are boring. Her career is in the same graveyard as Olivia (LHHNYC) and Karlie. RIP "Boss Bytch" records. R-I-Frickin'-P. I have already mentioned my disdain for that whole scene with Lil' Scrappy and his band of BICTHES. Looks to me like everywhere but in the industry, Scrap is winning. He has no job or money to speak of, yet, he can cheat on each woman with each other, propose and get a "YES". Are you kidding me?? We should all sign up for classes. All in all, I was completely and utterly entertained by the trainwreck that is LHHATL. The original show pales in comparison. But, that didn't stop Mona Scott-Young from giving Chrissy Lampkin and Jim Jones their own spin-off. *happy dance into black hole*

The Real Housewives of New Jersey saga continues with all the Mob queens doing the usual....choosing a villain for everyone to hate and run off. Teresa Guidice seems to be the one this season who is a "pig" as Caroline Manzo describes her. I can't say that I disagree. Teresa is very calculated. She and her husband will do anything for a dollar including sell their own marriage woes to the tabloids. She has been involved in bankruptcy, money laundering, you name it!!! The way they see it, they're just paying bills, but to everyone else they have no regard for anyone. Melissa Gorga (Tre's sister in law) and Kathy Wakile (Tre's cousin) have made a truce and agreed to be "nicey nicey" with their family members. It's worked out so far because nobody calls Teresa out on her crap anymore. The only one who truly will step up to the plate (besides Caroline Manzo) is her husband. Joe blatantly called Teresa "my bitch wife" and an "effing c**t" on TV. I suspect he was talking to a fling, but Teresa played it off as him just being cranky. Girl, BYE!!! Next week is the long awaited season finale of this neverending show. We get to see the true scum Teresa really is. Can't wait!!

Teen Mom has concluded for good and the reunion show has taken place. I just want to briefly say that Dr. Drew is messy and that these girls's lives are not changed. They should be, but mostly they aren't. Amber is in JAIL for God's sake. The only one that I am truly counting on to make is Catelynn and that's because she & Brother Husband gave their kid up. Smartest decision EVER. The end.

I'm going to be picking up Basketball Wives LA for its new season. Looks like Jackie Christie is already going for the gold when it comes to CRAZY this season. We have some familiar faces to work with including Gloria, Laura, Draya, and Malaysia. But, we also have at least one new face....Brooke Bailey will be joining us. She is dating some baller (who I don't know and don't care about) and that's what gave Shaunie O'Neal the room to add her to the roster. Does anybody else think about the rodent king on Madagascar when you see her? "I like to move it, move it!!" Ok, only me then. Carry on. Jackie has tried to apologize and snake her way back into the loving arms of her "girls". But, she is up to her old antics by referring to herself as the "queen" and saying these girls could learn everything from her. Meanwhile, her own flesh and blood daughter REFUSES to talk to her. She moved across country to escape this lady's grips. I'm putting on my seatbelt. I know this will be a bumpy ride.

Got other shows you're sure I should be watching....refer me!! Lexi and I are open to suggestions...Thanks a bunch for reading and giving us feedback from time to time. 'Til next time...

xoxo, Christina Rose

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Goin' To The Chapel....

Hi, R4Readers!! We're gearing up to choose new shows since the new Fall season has begun. Meanwhile, congratulations are in order! You know we give it to you straight, good or bad. We'd like to congratulate Ms. Kailyn Lowry of Teen Mom 2 fame. 

You remember Kail, right? On her episode of 16 & Pregnant, we met her and her then boyfriend, Joe. She was living with him and his family because her mom didn't care about her or for her. After a laudry list of foolishness on both 16&P and TM2, she and Joe broke up for good and she got her own place to live with her son, Isaac. Gotta love that MTV come-up, right?! Now, She and her boyfriend of one year, Javi, have gotten engaged. She tweeted the info for all her fans recently.

From MSN's Wonderwall: 

"It's true," Lowry wrote. "We're engaged!" The Whitehall, Pennsylvania, native also tweeted a picture of her ring.
Isaac's gotten super cute since we saw him last on the show. Now, don't get us wrong. Kailyn is pretty stupid and silly. That is why she was chosen to become one of those famous knocked up gals. She has been on and off with Joe for years...if you ask Joe, he'd prolly tell you that has no interest in her even when he doubles back and taps that from time to time. But, hey!!! Maybe this time, this will actually work out. Either way, congratulations to them.....peep, Isaac's face tho in the photo.....let's hope this marriage lasts more than 3 days.

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It's Teen Mom, Honey Boo Boo Chile, & Funky Cold Dineva!! [Video]

Hey, Blovers!! So, you click on the blog to find out what we think about the latest happenings...and there's nothing new. You know that just isn't right. Well, Rose World has been extra crazy lately, but life don't stop. Here's an update on all things Reality, For Real in my world...

Teen Mom has wrapped up years worth of dysfunction and mayhem with moms Maci, Farrah, Catelynn, and Amber. As much as I love that show, I can't say I'm too sad. Actually, after watching this season's ending I didn't get any real conclusion on any of the mothers. In fact, I feel like I had seen all these episodes before. Maci is still wedged underneath her special needs boy toy. Her relationship [or relationshi* as I like to call it] with baby daddy, Ryan, is still as messed up as it could ever be. And, it appears that Bentley is the smartest one of them all. Farrah cried a lot less this season, but she annoyed others at an alarmingly high rate. She finally has some balance with her parents, yet she still disrespects them every SINGLE chance she gets. I loved the moment of humility though when she had to send Sophia's bad ass to her mom. Score 1 for Farrah's mom! Brother and Sister Husband, Catelynn and Tyler, had a series of rollercoasters [none of which regarding their daughter, Carly, who is tucked away safe with the Cleavers]. They graduated high school. Yay!! Now, they are trying to conquer college. I have concerns about that because they made even choosing "social work" as a major difficult. They are the most decisive slow people I have ever seen. If you wanna major in social work, you choose major in social work on the application! Regardless, they are still smarter than everybody's favorite jail bird, Amber. Her life is still and will forever be in shambles. I predict methamphetamine in her future. That is, if she hasn't already dabbled. Gary now has full custody of Leah and they appear to be doing well. Alls I can say is buh bye, Teen Mom!

Meanwhile, everybody knows we just watched a 2-week series reunion on Love & Hip Hop ATL. Lexi is covering the happenings on that, but I wanted to acknowledge that I did catch it. Boy, oh, Boy!!

I will say that its a sad day when the people who make the most sense on the show are Funky Dineva (not a cast member) and Joseline Hernandez (y'all know my soul dies a little bit every time she speaks). Scrappy did the typical move by proposing to Elvira, I mean, Ericka. I don't mind her, but I think she was wrong to attack Buckeey [no matter how easy that is] and accept a request for marriage. It takes 2, Ericka. I'll comment more when Lexi posts her thoughts.

In other news, Honey Boo Boo has been taking over the air waves. I refuse to cover that show as it is a big ball of redneck foolery. But, I will say I find it funny that more people would rather soak their minds with that than watch Mitt Romney speak. Bye!!

Ev and Ocho are officially finito! I mentioned that in previous posts, but did you see her in the last few days on ABC news?? She's crying and saying that she's leaving him for her fans. SCREECH!! Now, I am not a "fan", but if I were I imagine that Evelyn Lozada leaving Ochocinco would do absolutely nothing for my life. She can stay with him and get headbutted 'til the cows come home for all I care. She even mentioned that she still loves him and that it is so difficult to do this. Here's an idea: Don't! You were made for each other...to embarrass the other one to high hell. She claims that her persona on Basketball Wives doesn't merit her being beaten by her man. I agree, no one deserves to be beaten EVER. But, can we roll the tape back on Evelyn's track record?

K, y'all that's the update on Rosey! Feel free to comment below on your Teen Mom, LHHATL, Politico, or Basketball Wives thoughts. 'Til next time...

xoxo, Christina Rose
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R4R Update: Put Up or Shut Up

Hey R4Readers! We thought we'd just drop in to share with you the latest on Mob Wives' star, Renee Graziano. You remember her, right? She's the loud, dramatic one who is always talking about loyalty and Jun-yah (her snitch ex-hubby).

So, if you watch the show, you know that Renee is no stranger to plastic surgery. You also know that during the last season of the popular vH1 show she was filmed getting liposuction, tightening, etc. If you saw that episode, you were exposed to blood and gore as Renee ripped her stitches and claimed to near death for some time after the surgery. Well, the doc who performed the surgery says "no bueno" to her claims and is taking action. Dr. Andrew Klapper is reportedly suing the reality tv star for defamation at upwards of 77 million dollars. Comments that Graziano has made regarding Dr. Klapper's skills include ones like "I went in beautiful and came out ugly" and "He was found guilty of killing a woman" just to name a few. The doctor says his practice has diminished considerably as a result of her false claims that he botched the procedure.

Here's what the New York Daily News had to say about the lawsuit:

"Dr. Andrew Klapper, 43, has filed a $77 million defamation lawsuit in Brooklyn Supreme Court, charging that Graziano falsely claimed he botched her full-body makeover.

“She has been on a media campaign to destroy this man’s professional reputation and she has succeeded,” mob lawyer Barry Levin, who is representing Klapper, said Monday. “His practice has diminished considerably in the last year.”

The Mafia diva, the daughter of Bonanno family consigliere Anthony Graziano — who was sentenced Monday to 19 months in jail for extortion — went to Klapper in 2011 for a full-body lift, including a tummy tuck and butt lift. The procedure was done as the reality show’s cameras rolled."

Whose side are you on?? Let us know. 

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No More Tears

Hey there, Blovies!!! How's it?? As you know the Love & Hip Hop finale was last night. So, there is much to discuss....Shall we?

Karlie Redd has been thirsty all season. So, it came as no shock that she is looking to ditch everybody's favorite liver failure patient, Big Zino. Uh huh. Who didn't know that relationsh*t wasn't gonna last? They had been dating for 3 secs and already moving in. Only teenagers fall in and out of love that fast. This just goes to show you that you can be 59 and 14 at the same damn time. Anywho, we saw Ms. Redd sniffing around Roscoe Dash (a known ATL rap artist famous for pole dancing songs). This guy's gotta be what, 16?? Karlie's thirst knows no bounds. Somebody, anybody, please hook this chick up to a saline IV or something. Meanwhile, back at the ranch Benzino is gearing up to pop the question. Fast forward to the scene: Zino pulls out the ring, tells Karlie he doesn't want her to have any doubts about their relationship, she asks if he's ready for this, he replies with a no and puts the ring up. So, what was that about not having doubts?? This dude is not only terminally ill, he's dumb too. Jeesh!

Erica and Scrappy agreed to be just friends. But, it wasn't until after Scrappy basically begged and grovelled for Erica not to quit on them being together. On the flip side, Scrap explains to his "best friend"/jumpoff, Buckeey, that he is all about her. Men really forget about the cameras don't they? How does he think he is gonna get away with leading two women on like that? At least Erica is not playing dumb. She isn't down for Scrappy's ish anymore and I can't blame her. She even mentioned dating a new guy while she was housewares shopping with K. Michelle. I'm happy for Erica. If the rumors aren't true that she and Scrappy are engaged, there might be hope for her and Imani yet. Note: No ignant Momma Dee sighting. Guess she didn't wanna show her face after that "B-I-C-T-H" fiasco.

The misunderstanding between K. Michelle and Rasheeda is heating up. So much so, that there are rumors floating around that they will be fighting on the reunion show and that K. Michelle is threatening Sheeda, Kandi Burruss (of RHOA), and Toya Carter Wright (of the shortlived Tiny & Toya). K. Michelle said she would "go upside Kandi's head). As ratchet as that sounds, I think if she did, Kandi wouldn't even fight back. She talks too much. Anywho, K and Sheeda are clearly no longer acquaintances that's for sure. K assured us that she has the proof the Memphitz (Toya's hubby) "beat her ass". She also stated that she was being the better person by not sending the text messages and photos to the blogs. Uh, K. throw your girl a bone and send them there photos on this way. *smile* Here at R4R we lack a thing called "shame".

Finally, we saw Joseline, Mimi, and Steebie J are back in counseling. Steebie ranted and raved about how he had all these women riding his bus and that as easily as they got on they can get off. Ugh, will somebody take this fool out already?? How is he still breathing. He showed up wearing a shirt that read "I Am God". You gots to be kidding me. Narcissist isn't even a strong word to describe this guy. As much as I don't care for Joseph, she's gotta be the most honest person on television. She openly admitted in counseling that she knows Steebie sleeps with other women (he slept with her own best friend in front of her) and she's ok with it as long as he gives her money and takes care of her. She also told Mimi flat out that Mimi is ok with it too whether she admits it or not. Mimi tried to deny it, but I agree with Joseph. There was no paws laying this time, but I know this thing isn't over. Meanwhile, Mimi is trying to play us now and make us think she owns a cleaning business rather than being a cleaning lady herself. She wants us to believe that she doesn't need Steebie's money. Guhl, please?! Ain't nothing wrong with being a cleaning lady, keep it real with us and we'll keep it real with you, agreed?? SN: anybody peep Steebie's newest talent, Magilla Gorilla?? Oh, yeah, she's gonna be very successful. -_-

Welp, that's all for this season of Love & Hip Hop ATL, but the reunion show should be airing soon. We will definitely be covering that so LHHATL fans don't ditch us yet!!!

'Til next time...

xoxo, Christina Rose
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